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Vinay Hira

Glossier Competition Entry, Image and Po

Glossier Boy Brow, 2018

Digital Image and Poem

This work is inspired by prompts provided by a Glossier Instagram Influencer video competition. Integrating a classic-Vinay-aesthetic with commentary on influencer and MUA social media archetype from use of iambic pentameter, highlights my use of contrast and texture with brand continuity. Gender performance and cultural currency trading is under critique as I compare and contrast products in the public, trending realm, with uses that subvert and confuse the very being of Glossier's Boy Brow Product.

Not For Sale

Suburban-New-Zealand raised bodega-boy Vinay Hira is a marine and wine scientist and performance and visual artist based in Manhattan. An obsession with postmodernism and intersectional identity politics, he puts a cultural-capitalist leaning on his irreverent, comedic take on his own existence.

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