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Nathier Fernández


From the series, THE VIRUS IS NOW A WORD

Thermal paper on acrylic capsule 

10.74 x 4.72 x 0.94 in / 27.3 x 12 x 2.4 cm 

[5’ Sculptural artefacts 3’] are visual sculptures that mirror the structure, behaviour and development of [human] microbiome organisms [e.g, Escherichia Coli - Gut bacteria] at a microscopic or molecular level. As most organisms are invisible to the naked eye, these sculptures become vessels of existence and speculation.  William S. Burroughs once wrote, "The word is now a virus," a leitmotif in this project. What if words behave like viruses? How would they propagate, divide or mutate? How do you make what is invisible, visible?

- Part of the Genetically Generated Text Series.

Not For Sale

Nathier Fernández is a Colombian multidisciplinary designer and artist based in New York. Their current research focuses on the relationship between human and non-human interactions and what arises when emerging technologies are involved. They have a special interest around living materials, exploring possible intersections between biological and computational systems.

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