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Jiaoyang Li

Zoom a reclining moon that captures us.j

Zoom, A Reclining Moon, 2020

Digital Print on Fine Art Paper (30 available)

Comes with a complimentary, personalized poem

9 x12 in / 22.86 x 30.48 cm

I painted Zoom, A Reclining Moon on iPad during my quarantine, out of the nameless anxiety. When the nights smell like rotten plants in imminent danger, I find somehow, things are connected in a weird mixture of doom and hilariousness, just as ribbons taut on the metal hoops, bugs crawling like diamond bracelets. We are like spiders from every corner in the world, crushing together to be lit up by Zoom, this uncanny new moon. Connected in its comfy prison of grids and pixels for months that seem like forever, we are waiting to be carried over to somewhere unknown, to be transfigured by the mysterious indications hidden in our daily mundanity: Birds, placenta, cups, lava, cameras, watermelon seeds, virus, clover, thunderstorm...

Everyone who buys the digital print will get a complimentary poem. You are invited to schedule a 15-minute Zoom call session with me, share a story, some memories that are related to the elements above, or anything you saw from the painting. I will then write you a personalized poem, and mail it to you along with the print. I hope this work can empower us with some unique and mysterious intimacy during this isolated time.

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Jiaoyang Li is a Chinese poet and visual artist currently based in New York. Her literary work has appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books' China Channel, 3:AM, Datableedzine, Harana Poetry, Chinese News Magazine, Spittoon Magazine, Enclave Poetry, Voice and Verse poetry magazine, and others. Her interdisciplinary practices have been supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts, The Immigrants Artist Biennial, Performa Biennial, Artyard Center, Surface Gallery, and others. She serves as the co-founder of interdisciplinary poetic practice journal 叵CLIP. Her work medium includes poetry, illustrations, textile, video performance, and installations.

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