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Jaejoon Jang


STAR1, 2020

Framed photography (Plastic cup, coffee and starfish) 

8 x 11 in / 20.32 x 27.94 cm

I would like to compare several contrast ideas such as artificial/natural (Plastic cup/Starfish) and consumerism/communism (Star from Starbucks/Star from Starfish).

Not For Sale

Jaejoon Jang explores collective references and challenges conceptual understanding. His work is simple, intuitive, and light, but still humorous and poetic. Using the ready-made (found object) is a similar transition of what we can see in writing a poem. Jang is interested in the fact that people have different kinds of experiences in life and therefore attribute that to objects.


To Jang, the ready-made with connotations and narratives is very inspiring. With his careful and deliberate use of everyday materials, he transforms familiar objects into sources of surprise and humor. These interventions can be so subtle that the artist’s gesture can hardly be detected, but, upon contemplation, each object can be found to isolate its own moment in which a small experience, phenomenon or reflection occurs. Socio-political, philosophical, and scientific associations abound through the open metaphors and potential narratives created by his light, witty touch.

Jaejoon Jang lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Baltimore, MD. He completed an M.F.A. and B.F.A. at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Before studying art, He studied mechanical engineering in Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea. He participated in the Vermont Studio Center Residency (VT), MASS MoCA Residency (MA), Carrie Able Gallery Artists In Residence (NY) and NYFA Immigrant Artist Program.

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