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Carin Kulb Dangot

Mama, 2020

Acrylic paint and gel 

11 x 8 x 3 in / 27.94 x 20.32 x 7.62 cm

Mama is a human-like, organic and vibrant sculpture that was born out of my experience as a food engineer and my practice as an artist. The sculpture is made entirely out of paint. I spread the paint on a variety of flat surfaces, and I allow the thick pools to partially set. After several days I begin to fold and mold the layers of acrylic paint into sculptural bundles. The layers are immediately connected one to the other so they stick together becoming one solid piece.


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Carin Kulb Dangot is a painter and sculptor, and she is interested in the materiality and plastic qualities of paint on surfaces––such as canvas, aluminum, and mylar--and in three-dimensional pieces. Her work has been exhibited in art venues such as Christie’s (NY), The Cluster Gallery (NY), Deanna Evans Project (NY), Governors Island (GIAF) (NY), Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery (NY), Soho20 (NY), Augusta Savage Gallery (MA), Casa Galeria (São Paulo), and the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture - MUBE (São Paulo). In 2012, she was awarded both the Leonard Rosenfeld Merit Scholarship and Lloyd Sherwood Grant for outstanding work in non-objective art from the Art Students League; and, in 2020, she was awarded participation in the NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program.

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