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Ae Yun Kim

6am, 2020

Paper, hand stitched thread, watercolor on paper

16.5 x 13 in / 41.91 x 33.02 cm 

During several months of self quarantine, I was mostly an insomniac because my depression and anxiety worsened. Isolation wasn't something new for me but my insomnia never lasted this long before. I was mentally and physically exhausted for most of the day but after a while, I started feeling some sort of relief and comfort when I saw the sunrise. Soon it changed from another pain resulting from mental illness to a daily routine I wait for. "6am" portrays the transition of sky during this specific timeline.

Not For Sale

Ae Yun Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. After receiving her B.F.A. degree in General Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD). In 2019, she moved to New York City, where she was selected as a mentee for NYFA's 2020 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. She is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. As a mix media artist, she explores the boundaries of drawing, painting and collage by combining various materials. Abstraction has been an important part in her practice since she focuses a lot in color and form. She uses her memory of personal experience as a motif and delivers them through hand stitched paper collage works. She is particularly interested in relationships of emotional pain, repetition, and relief.

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