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In/Between 2020: TRANSFIGURE is a group exhibition curated by artists Martita Abril, Yanira Castro, and Poppy DeltaDawn and presented by New York Live Arts. It was developed to support the artists from the New York Foundation for the Arts' Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. All sales will go directly to the artists during the ongoing pandemic.




In/Between is an annual immigrant artist group exhibition created by artists Martita Abril, Yanira Castro and Poppy DeltaDawn. It is developed in partnership with New York Live Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts' Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program. In/Between is committed to increasing the visibility of and conversation around the work of immigrant artists. 

In/Between 2020: TRANSFIGURE

Artists Abril, Castro and DeltaDawn developed the 2020 theme, TRANSFIGURE, before the pandemic and uprisings. At the time, they were considering the upcoming U.S. elections and the call not just to strengthen democratic principles but to affect a transformation. There was/is a need for radical change towards a further completion of the democratic experiment, to equitable and just participation. Immigrant artists are among those at the crux of these conversations.


In light of Covid-19 and the uprisings, Abril, Castro and DeltaDawn considered dropping the TRANSFIGURE theme altogether. But the work the artists submitted spoke to a transfiguration during this time, to new realities of making, working, and fabricating. The loss of access to studios and materials, the last minute sales of proposed art works by artists in order to purchase groceries and pay rent, changed and transformed the work present on this site.


The world is in process of transfiguration. Right in the thick of it. How can we radically reconsider questions of belonging, being and inhabiting? For this year's In/Between presentation, we are looking at metamorphosis as a process of constructing body and home from the resources we already carry within us.

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New York Live Arts

For general information: Producing Associate, Veronica Falborn 

For press inquiries about In/Between: Director of Communications, Tyler Ashley 

New York Foundation for the Arts 

For information about Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Program Officer, Alicia Ehni

For press inquiries: Senior Communications Officer, Amy Aronoff

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